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Vilayancode, P.O Mandur, Kannur Dt.

The encouragement given by parents to their wards will be great contribution that they can make towards their educational achievements. Parents are requested to visit the school on prescribed days to meet the principal and teachers to discuss the progress of their wards .This will substantially compliment efforts at home.

Parents will regularly check the school diary and countersign the remarks if any, entered there in. If this is not done, the students maybe punished.

Parents should make use of the pages in the diary set apart for their remarks.

Parents must note the dates on which the progress cards will be issued and make sure that they go through the marks ,sign and return the progress card without delay so that the child may not be kept out of class.

Criticizing the teacher s of the school in the presence of students, should be avoided. Legitimate complaints should be brought to the notice of the principal without delay. Anonymous letters are not appreciated.