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Vilayancode, P.O Mandur, Kannur Dt.


The students coming out of our schools must be intellectually alert band open, emotionally well balanced, having a strong and upright moral character based on faith in God and a deep experience of prayer, that opens their minds and hearts to the reality of poverty, inequality and injustice prevailing in our society and create in them an ecological sensitivity


Inspired by the spirit of Bl.Brigida, We shall contribute to the integral formation of the youth by the type of teaching which tends to bring about a personal synthesis between faith and culture and accompanying them in their life journey


Every student who passes through the portals of an Ursuline educational institution shall imbibe and personalize the following values.

Perfect love of God and neighbour
The students of our school recognize and develop deep faith in the presence of God in and around and in whose love they move and have their being. This love that she/he experienced is shared with all whom she/he comes into, in a universal solidarity and brotherhood. Mother Brigida desires that in our students the greatest reverence for God and esteem for spiritual things be instilled.

Truth and Social justice
The Ursulites shall uphold truthfulness in their personal and social life. They shall appreciate the need for justice in their relationship, in the society and in the world.

Respect and Tolerance
In their four-fold relationship to God, nature, fellow beings and oneself, the Ursulites shall have an attitude of deep repect6 and reverence as they learn to look at the whole creation as the handiwork of God.