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Vilayancode, P.O Mandur, Kannur Dt.

Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. For this a student has to learn self control, a control of his emotion and impulses. He must learn to live in harmony with each other by respecting the customs and tradition of other and the society, by keeping laws of the country and by obeying the commandments of god.

Order must be the hallmark of our school. For this an atmosphere of science must be maintained by everyone during working hour –in classroom, staff room and office .Thus everyone should contribute to maintaining an excellent standard in every thing.

Cleanliness is a pre-requisite of order lines .Therefore all the room corridors and the campus as a whole must reflect this in our school, which aims at maintaining an atmosphere of godliness. Teachers, when entering a classroom, should check the order and cleanliness of the room.

Student who come to school before the first bell must go their own classroom in silence, be busy with the day’s lessons, exercises or homework. They must not be seen roaming outside their classrooms or in the play-grounds.

The Handbook issued to every student at the beginning of the year is to be brought to be school everyday, failing which he/she will not be admitted to class. it should be kept neat and tidy all through the year. Students are not allowed to write anything in it except as directed in various pages. It must be kept safely throughout the year .loss of the handbook is viewed very seriously and a heavy fine will be levied. Once lost, a new one has to be collected from the office after getting the special permission from the principal. It is an important document of the student’s career, conduct and studies in the school for the year and hence is not to be replaced easily.