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Vilayancode, P.O Mandur, Kannur Dt.
Ursuline English Medium School feels it a privilege to welcome all to our website.

We, at Urusline, care for the individual development of each student and accord prime importance to balanced education based on sound intellectual, physical, moral, social and soft skill formation with a deep concern for all especially the weak and poor .We train the students not just be good at one thing but good at everything, to stay open-minded, focused ,determined and smart . Covid -19 pandemic has surely altered our lives. We understand the challenges faced by the students, parents and the teachers to cater to the academic needs, while adapting to virtual learning .Thank you for your support and co-operation in our ventures. Teachers at Urusline remain committed and strive to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life, a habit. We should not let the pandemic pin us down .We must remain positive and focused. When life gets blurry, change the point of focus, adjust the lens of attitude.

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them “

Stay safe, stay focused, Stay positive.
With warm wishes and God’s blessings

Sr Litty Mathew UMI